Canonical Regional Planning Committee 2012 Annual Report

Monday, February 04, 2013


Summary Report – June 2011-August 2012


Committee: Archbishop Nicolae (Chairman), Archbishop Justinian, Metropolitan Iakovos, Metropolitan Nicholas, Bishop Daniil; Consultants: Fr Nicholas Apostola, Fr Joseph Abud, Fr Bazyl Zawierucha, Tatiana Veselkina, Jerry Dimitriou, Alexei Krindatch, Demitrios Moschos, Steve Radakovich; Secretariat Liaison: Protodeacon Peter Danilchick


Objective of the Committee

The Committee for Canonical Regional Planning is charged with formulating a proposal for a plan to organize all the Orthodox faithful of every jurisdiction in the Region on a canonical basis, in accordance with the Rules of Operation, Article 5.e of the 4th Pre-Conciliar Pan-Orthodox Conference in Chambésy.


Activities and Status of Work since May 2011 Assembly Meeting

Meetings: The Committee met in person with the consultants in Chicago on January 27, 2012 and three times by teleconference thereafter.

Research: Extensive analytical work was undertaken by consultant Alexei Krindatch. Special attention was given to examination of the membership, church attendance, languages used and strength of the ethnic culture in the local Orthodox parishes. The Committee discussed different potential models for the ecclesiastical governance structure in the USA. A study is also undertaken to examine parish clergy employment issues.

Subcommittees: Work was undertaken throughout the year by three separate subcommittees:

  • Global Vision and Principles: A draft statement on global vision and principles for a united church administration and the associated canonical reorganization was developed and is presently under review by the entire Committee. Questions such as the following have been addressed: what is our vision for the administratively-unified Church, what should it look like, what particulars of the historical development of the various jurisdictions need to be considered, what immediate steps might be taken towards greater cooperation, what transition measures would be appropriate to a long-term reorganization?
  •  Canonical and Liturgical Issues: A list of known canonical and liturgical issues impacting the common life of the church is being developed and will be sent to concerned committees, e.g., Canonical Affairs, Pastoral Practice, Clergy Affairs, for their follow-up. The subcommittee will be disbanded following that communication.
  •  Ecclesiastical Structure and Governance: A survey was drafted and is under final review to better understand and document the various ecclesiastical and governance structures of the member churches in the USA. This survey is intended to be sent to the various jurisdictions for completion.


Action Items for the September 2012 Assembly

Present a summary of the Committee’s work at the Assembly meeting in Chicago for discussion, reaction, and contribution of ideas from the member hierarchs – especially regarding the next steps to formulate the proposed reorganization plan.


In Christ,

Archbishop Nicolae, Chairman

Committee for Canonical Regional Planning