Committee for Theological Education 2013 Report


Summary Report to Assembly IV -- September 2012-August 2013

Committee: Bishop Ilia (Chairman), Metropolitan Nikitas, Bishop Alexander, Bishop Michael, Bishop John; Secretariat Liaison: Protodeacon Peter Danilchick.

Objective of the Committee: The Committee for Theological Education is charged with i) identifying and cataloging all institutions and programs for theological learning found in the various jurisdictions in the Region; ii) cataloging the curricula in use in these institutions and programs; iii) identifying any existing programs for Orthodox theology offered by institutions of higher education; and iv) identifying special ministerial jurisdictional programs.

Activities and Status of Work: September 2012- August 2013

The Committee met in connection with the Chicago Assembly III meeting in September 2012 and by teleconference on May 30, 2013. At these meetings:

  • The Committee formally approved the Terms of Reference as posted on the Assembly website.
  • The Committee agreed to send a questionnaire to the academic/ administrative officer or heads of the theological institutions, intended to document and compare various institutional characteristics. The services of Fr David Cowan have been hired and are being utilized to facilitate this process. He will be the single point of contact with the institutions and will follow-up by telephone as appropriate. The questionnaire has been sent to the institutions with a requested reply date of September 6, 2013.
  • The Committee discussed a number of requirements for consultants, including both seminary and non-seminary educators, who can represent the voices of educators working on the forefront of theological education. The Committee members will develop a list of consultants shortly. It is intended that educators would be invited to an introductory session, either in one or a few locations, for open discussions.