Theological Education Committee 2012 Annual Report

Monday, February 04, 2013


Summary Report – June 2011-August 2012


Committee: Bishop Ilia (Chairman), Metropolitan Nikitas, Bishop Alexander, Bishop Michael, Bishop John; Secretariat Liaison: Protodeacon Peter Danilchick.

Objective of the Committee

The Committee for Theological Education is charged with i) identifying and cataloging all institutions and programs for theological learning found in the various jurisdictions in the Region; ii) cataloging the curricula in use in these institutions and programs; iii) identifying any existing programs for Orthodox theology offered by institutions of higher education; and iv) identifying special ministerial jurisdictional programs.

Activities and Status of Work Since May 2011 Assembly Meeting

  • Meetings: The Committee met by teleconference on August 16, 2012 with the next meeting to be held in connection with the Chicago Assembly meeting in September 2012.
  • The Committee resolved to begin its work by
    • Compiling a list of theological institutions offering programs and courses in Orthodox theology and obtaining pertinent information on their content.
    • Compiling a list of Orthodox theological faculty engaged in seminaries and secular institutions.
    • Developing a list of institutional characteristics, e.g., pertaining to academics (whether general introduction to theology, certificate, MDiv, other degrees, etc), specific liturgical/ pastoral content, distance vs residential, specific jurisdictional content, etc. One of these characteristics should be the various targets or constituencies of the various programs, i.e., who are these programs for?
    • Comparing the existing programs according to these characteristics to provide a better understanding to the Assembly of the programs, any opportunities to better cooperate, and identification of any possible new initiatives.
  • Two subcommittees have been established to
    • Obtain information on the programs of Orthodox  theological institutions as well as the pertinent educational characteristics to be identified (Metropolitan Nikitas, Bishop John and Bishop Michael)
    • Obtain similar information on theological programs and Orthodox faculty within university departments of theology and religious studies (Bishop Ilia, Bishop Alexander).
  • The services of Consultants to the Committee to assist the Members of the Committee will be requested in the near future.


In Christ,

Bishop Ilia, Chairman

Committee for Theological Education