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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dear Friends and Supporters of Missions Work Worldwide:

Join us as we celebrate the life of Saint Nicholas of Myra, whose legendary acts of charity and tireless efforts in defense of the oppressed earned him the name 'Wonderworker'. His ‘Christ-like’ existence was dedicated to humble and secret giving. This Advent Season, we invite you to embrace this same love of Christ and generosity of spirit. Your donation will help OCMC work wonders for those in this world who continue to live in oppression and poverty as well as those who thirst for the Gospel of Christ!

Born in 280 A.D. to a wealthy and devout family, St. Nicholas followed closely in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior. He is most famous for his open giving and ministry to the downtrodden. His acts of charity towards those in need are too numerous to be counted. What is known, however, are the humble means by which he went about giving. For example, following the death of his parents, St. Nicholas anonymously distributed his entire inheritance to the poor. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, this incredible love for the people allowed him to provide for their spiritual nourishment as well. His elevation to Bishop of Myra in the early 4th century was hailed by the community he was called to represent.

Bishop Nicholas' sainthood was demonstrated in many ways throughout his life. He defended the Faith passionately by destroying pagan temples, withstanding imprisonment and even enduring torture. He inspired Governor Eustathius to repent after wrongfully accusing three innocent men and sentencing them to death. He restored the lives of three children, and saved a young sailor thrown from a boat during a violent storm off the coast of Lycia.

We thank you for taking this opportunity to follow in the footsteps of St. Nicholas by helping your bothers and sisters around the world in great physical and spiritual need. It is to this end that your tax-deductible donation will assist OCMC in continuing its programs and ministries. Allow us to serve as your vessel to spread the much needed Christian love throughout the world, and continue the ministry of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker for years to come!

Please send your donation with the attached pledge form completed to:
Orthodox Christian Mission Center
P.O. Box 4319
St. Augustine, FL 32085-4319

You may also donate to the Mission Center online, through Network for Good, by clicking here.