Come Receive the Light Schedule of Programs for March 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Come Receive the Light Schedule of Programs for March 2010

March 5
Speaker: Floyd Frantz
Topic: OCMC mission in Romania
This week on CRTL, we're taking a closer look at some of our sister SCOBA agencies current programs. OCMC missionary to Romania Floyd Frantz talks with us about his work with at-risk mothers and addiction. Plus, Fr. Martin Ritsi, Executive Director of the OCMC, and Cameron Thorp, a free-lance graphic designer on staff with us at OCN who also works with OCMC tell us about their upcoming trip to Tanzania which is now featured on our web site at in our Travel Blog.

March 12
Speaker: Dr. Albert Rossi
Topic: Spiritual Journey of Parenting
Good friend of the show Dr. Albert Rossi is back on this episode of CRTL with us today to talk about the Spiritual Journey of Parenthood. He gives us practical tips on continuing our personal walk with Christ as we become parents, as well as how we can grow spiritually as couples and families throughout the many changes life brings. Also with us is children's author Jane G. Meyer talks about her latest book, The Woman & the Wheat.

March 19
Speaker: Fr. James Kelley
Topic: Christology
On today's episode of Come Receive the Light, we welcome a new guest this week, author James Kelley. He's here to talk with us about Orthodox Christology. What does it mean? How does it differ from Western Christology? And why is it important for our daily walk with Christ? Also with us is Fr. Tom Fitzgerald, who is the Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary and Professor of Church History & Historical Theology. He'll be talking about last year's conference of Bishops in Chambesy, which laid out a road map to Orthodox Unity and its ramifications for our Orthodox Churches in America in the light of the upcoming historical meetings of the Hierarchs of America in May.

March 26
Speaker: Dr. Jim Skedros
Topic: Lent in the Early Church
On today's episode of Come Receive the Light, Prof. Jim Skedros, Professor of Byzantine Studies & Early Christianity at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, is back to tell us about the history and development of Great Lent in the Early Church. In a short segment, we have Fr. Andrei Sommer, Protopresbyter of the ROCOR Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign in New York City. He's here to tell us about the recent visit of St. John Chysostom's relics to his parish.
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